Front Page:
o Tens of soldiers and officers of the Elite Intelligence Unit 8200 in an unprecedented message: We decline to continue forming an instrument to suppress the Palestinians and reinforce military occupation.
o The whole literary translation to the message of Unit soldiers and officers 8200. The Intelligence is an integral part of the military control over the Occupied.

• Front Page:
o Introductory word… The Israeli attack on Gaza as part of a “Religious War”!
o Contradictory expectations regarding the repercussions of a possible disagreement on a truce. The Israeli Army is preparing for “Hamas surprises” and Netanyahu’s Government is excluding any resume of fight!

• Front Page:
o Introductory word… another defeat for “The Israeli Mind”!
o Call for integrating Gaza under the Mandate of the United Nations. Lieberman: We decided to end the phase of dealing with tunnels and there is no decision for stopping the war on Gaza Strip!
o A leaked document disclosing American – Israeli intelligence cooperation against Egypt during the reign of Morsi!

• Front Page:
o In the last statement of objectives of the Israeli war on Gaza Strip, Netanyahu: “Restore peace to Israeli cities for a long period and launch a heavy strike to the infrastructure of the factions”!
o Disclosure of new details, the suspects of killing the martyr Abu Khudier have planned for the crime and bought handcuffs and Benzene in advance!

Sunday, October 17, 2021


The Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies (MADAR) is an independent research centre specialising in Israeli affairs, based in Ramallah, Palestine. MADAR was established in 2000 by a group of Palestinian intellectuals and academics, including the late poet Mahmoud Darwish, Dr. Lily Feidy, Dr. Ali Jarbawi, Dr. Ahmad Harb, Mr. Walid Al-Ahmad and Mr. Akram Haniyyeh. The centre was registered as a not-for-profit organisation with the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, and obtained a research centre’s operational licensing from the Palestinian Ministry of Information.