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The main findings of MADAR's Strategic Report 2024: Israel is in a dual crisis, and the war on Gaza deepens it

Episode: 18
Participants: Dr. Honaida Ghanim

MADAR's Strategic Report 2024 on the Israeli Scene concludes that the internal unrest in Israel during 2023—marked by protests against the "judicial reform" plan, the surprise Hamas attack on October 7, and the subsequent war on Gaza—led to a state of political attrition and challenged Israel's legitimacy. This unrest reflects the nature of Israel's structural crisis, which is unsolvable in the short and medium term. In this episode, Dr. Honaida Ghanim, Director of the MADAR Forum and editor of the strategic report, explains the structural roots of the Israeli crisis. She highlights Israel's failure to resolve the conflict with the Palestinian indigenous people and to establish an inclusive national vision that reconciles the contradictions within its diverse immigrant society. Dr. Ghanim also reviews the content of the seven chapters of the strategic report.

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