Writer and critic Kobi Niv (Haaretz, 13 March 2018) is of the view that the documentary series Saleh, This is the Land of Israel is “excellent”, but at the same time “suffers from reading comprehension”. Niv argues that the series is deeply frustrating. By this, he refers to the types of reaction to

“The weird, rather abnormal, context of the international parliamentary arena shows the complete absence of any examination or review of international foreign affairs,” Nitzan Horowitz, former MK for Meretz, stated in a new study published by the Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies (Mitvim). The study was released under the title Our Back on the World: Why does the Israeli Knesset Ignore Foreign Affairs?

Released in mid February 2018, a document of the Knesset Research and Information Centre reviews data on the “violent crimes” reported by citizens to police stations. Compiled at the request of MK Aida Touma-Suleiman from the Joint List, the document includes a breakdown of the data into “Jewish population” and “non-Jewish population” (hereinafter, the “Arab”, to call things by their proper names). The document covers the period from 2014 towards the first half of 2017.

 In an open statement published by several Israeli newspapers, hundreds of Israeli university professors expressed strong opposition to the new bill, which provides for extending powers of the Council for Higher Education in Israel to “academic institutions” in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The statement was signed by almost 220 university professors, including laureates of the Israel Prize and various international awards.

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The Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies (MADAR) is an independent research centre specialising in Israeli affairs, based in Ramallah, Palestine. MADAR was established in 2000 by a group of Palestinian intellectuals and academics, including the late poet Mahmoud Darwish, Dr. Lily Feidy, Dr. Ali Jarbawi, Dr. Ahmad Harb, Mr. Walid Al-Ahmad and Mr. Akram Haniyyeh. The centre was registered as a not-for-profit organisation with the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, and obtained a research centre’s operational licensing from the Palestinian Ministry of Information.