• Front Page:
o Yair Lapid: Netanyahu’s monitoring of settlement budgets “Electoral Bribe”!
o Scene’s Editor Anton Shalhat writes: This is “Your Midst” Israel!
o Akiva Eldar in “The Scene”: Israeli Center Parties prefer to conceal their positions hoping to attract electorates who have not chosen whom to vote!


• Internal Pages:
o Critical review of confrontations with armed factions in Gaza Strip in Operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Defense and Operation Protective Edge.
o Israeli warnings of a possible new battle in Gaza!
o About Washington’s policy during the “Operation Protective Edge” “Special Relations” between Israel and the United States remained stable and deep.
• Special Coverage: towards Israeli General Elections
o Internal crisis in most Israeli parties will be reflected on final election results.
o Yishai declares his resignation from Shas and establishment of a new party presided by himself named “The People is with us”.
o Netanyahu’s relations to whales of money raise suspicions and calls for investigation!
o Public confrontation between Netanyahu and Lieberman!
o Symposium on “Nation-State Bill” and elections in Israel, dominance of personal considerations on coalitions of politicians increases the blurry electoral scene despite advancement signs of the right.

• The Economic Scene:
o Decline of poverty in Israel despite cut in social allowances raises doubts of report accuracy!

• The Economic Brief:
o Financial inflation in the current year is “negative”.
o 550 thousand workers and freelancers in Israel without pension fund!

• Follow-Ups:
o “Cuban Lobby” and the American Right prevent improvement of relationship between Israel and Cuba!
o Ethiopians in Israel is a poor and neglected community and suffers from comprehensive racism!

• Last Page:
o Moral (Criminal) and financial scandals ridden Givati Brigade’s Elite in the Israeli Army; notable, aware and sneaky military commanders…and the victim: male and female conscripts!
o Israeli human rights organization submits the first petition to call for evacuating outposts built on the lands of Turmus Ayya village.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


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