• Front Page:
o Introductory word on the essence of Israeli “Disagreement” on “Jewish Nation-State Bill”.
o Netanyahu’s endeavors to form a substitute governmental coalition has failed; lat poll: A joint list of Herzog and Livni will win with 23 seats and precede the Likud!

o Special interview with the former Director of the Knesset Abraham Borg in “The Israeli Scene”: The issue of the Temple for the right wing is essential and not a propaganda.
• Special Coverage: Another Israeli Early Elections
o Collapse of Netanyahu’s Government – a new phase of governance instability in Israel!
o Analysis: What it was is what will be and probably worse! The right wing is the dominant in the Israeli arena and the Middle-Left is deteriorating.
o Parliamentary elections in Israel – General background.

• Internal Pages:
o An examination executed on governmental allowances for secondary school students: Religious Jewish schools receive the highest allowances whereas Arab Schools receive the lowest!
o Israeli American relationship regarding time test: The policy of the United States during “Operation Protective Edge”.
o A new report issued by “The Association for Civil Rights in Israel” titled: “One Single Regime – Two Legal Organizations and Two Judicial Systems”: The Israeli Supreme Court plays a focal role in reinforcing and establishing “Judicial Separation” in the West Bank!
o University Professor: The Israeli Judicial Body is a significant mean to legit the annexation of Palestinian Territories!

 • The Economic Scene:
o Bank of Israel: The value of salaries has not changed since 13 years and the fruits of growth has not reached to all workers!
o Sharp decline in foreign tourism since the attack on Gaza!
• The Economic Brief:
o Banks outside the circle of “Economic Losses”.
o Cost of private health insurances is 2,52 Milliard Dollars!
o Likud parliamentarians sought to secure “donations” for their campaigns.

• Follow-Ups:
o Israeli Researcher: The Islamic conquest was the most illuminating and peaceful in the history of Palestine.
o Exacerbation of legendary Messianic disputes in the Zionist Movement and the increase of “Temple” movement supporters.

• Last Page:
o Special coverage: Aqraba as an example for a long and continuous history of Israeli confiscations, sanctions and barbaric attacks; the roots of Jewish terrorism in the Palestinian territories are concealed in the Knesset and the Government!
o “Paper of position” issued by Misk Association (Gisha) in the aftermath of “Operation Protective Edge” attack war: Siege of Gaza Strip – very slight “facilitations” despite “Positive” statements and security acknowledgement that its damage exceeds its benefits!

The Israeli scene Supplement is issued in cooperation with The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The content of the supplement does not necessarily reflect the position of The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021


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