• Front Page:
o Netanyahu's government is swinging between Israel's international isolation and budget approval.
o After stabbing a soldier in Tel Aviv, citizens yelling in the face of the Minister of Internal Security: “where is security?”

o Special interview with the Israeli Historian and the former Chairman of Jerusalem Municipality Dr. Meron Benvenisti in “The Israeli Scene”: we are practically in Israel – Palestine as a geopolitical unit.

• Internal Pages:
o Scandals evolving from the cavity of scandals “on the sidelines” of the renewable trial against Olmert.
o Is the resignation of Peretz and the pressures of the extremist right are considered decisive to run for early elections?
o Israeli Analysis: The win of the Republicans in the semi-final American elections shall offer Israel a greater margin for maneuver!
o Has Israel began to lose the sense of internal security?

• Special Reports:
o Religious people are penetrating in the Israeli Army calling for religionizing it!
o Knesset finally passes law preventing early release of Palestinian prisoners; a law unveiling the truth of official Israeli intentions and its seriousness in any future political negotiations!

• The Economic Scene:
o International pressures force Israeli bank to freeze the accounts of foreigner tax evaders!
o Salary gap remains and Lapid calls for increasing the minimum wage!

• The Economic Brief:
o 2,4 Millard Dollars – budget revenues from Car Tax!
o Number of families in Israeli hospitals is decreasing.
o An Israeli concern from disseminating a list of Russia’s wealthy people and percent of Jews among them.

• Special Coverage:
o Spots in the deliberations of the industrial area “Netsanny Shalom” on the line of contact with the West Bank.

• Follow-Ups:
o About the corruption approach in Israel: Olmert is just an example for the relationship between capital and governance!
o One-Third of immigrants from Israel are Russians whose Judaism has never been acknowledged.

• Last Page:
o “Draft law on the defeat of the Supreme Court”: a continuous right wing endeavor against the Supreme Court to limit the rights of minorities!

o Madar Center’s activities:
 “In the aftermath of the war in Gaza: reading in the Israeli perspectives” for Atif Abu Saif and Mohannad Mustafa.
 Monitoring report on the violence of settlers and its impact on the humanitarian conditions in the Palestinian Territories.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


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