• Front Page:
o Netanyahu: Israel will not accept dictations and there is “unanimity” on construction in East Jerusalem; he orders to execute 1060 new residential units in two settlements in Jerusalem and open 12 roads in the West Bank leading to settlements.

o Livni: A resolution to the “ISIS” problem without solving the Palestinian issue is like blowing ashes in the eyes.
o Israeli Minister of Internal Security: incidents in Jerusalem will not stop soon.
o The Israeli billionaire Leviev declares that his company stopped construction in settlements.

• Internal Pages:
o Israeli right perspective “Operation Protective Edge”: Military shame and political failure!
o “Plundering the right to demonstrate in the West Bank is a violation which should be stopped”!

• Special Interview:
o With the Researcher in Jerusalem issues and Professor in Political Science at Bar-Ilan University Professor Menachem Klein in “The Israeli Scene”: Israeli wants to make the holy shrine the center of the Zionist Jewish Identity.

• Special Report:
o Two Israeli researchers warn: “Incidents in Jerusalem are escalating gradually in a way that seems under control, but it is eruptible”.

• The Economic Scene:
o “Israeli Institute for Economic Planning” recommends speeding the process of addressing high living expenses and situations of the labor market.
o Continuous decline in expectations: 2,2% for economic growth and 1,5% for individual consumption!

• The Economic Brief:
o Dismissal of 1200 worker from Israeli military industries.
o Financial crisis in public hospitals.
o 283 thousand immigrants from Israeli within 22 years.

• Issues and Opinions:
o Israeli perspective on development capabilities of Tehran in International Virtual War during 2013-2014; Iran became a considerable threat in “Cyber War”!
o Spots on the industrial zone “Netsany Shalom” on the line of contact with the West Bank, the blunt Jewish control when it is mixed with wild greed, ugly exploitation of workers and pollution of environment, air and water with toxic chemical substances!

• Follow-Ups:
o The Jewish Home Party is making a progress in Jerusalem rabbi elections.
o Controversy about the goal of university study in Israel: qualify the student to work after graduation or improve the terms of development of a student’s career?

• Special Coverage:
o Privatization of the educational system in Israel generates financial profits for companies and political gains for the right!
o Inputs of the Israeli Ministry of Education on “Entitlement of Bagrut” (Secondary Level) for the past year: Arab towns expect one is still at the bottom of the ladder!

• Last Page:
o “Israel is intended to block any possible political solution”!
o Successive scandals and resignations disclose a deep crisis ridden the Israeli Police! Appointment crisis or crisis of standard rules?

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


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