• Front Page:
o In the last statement of objectives of the Israeli war on Gaza Strip, Netanyahu: “Restore peace to Israeli cities for a long period and launch a heavy strike to the infrastructure of the factions”!
o Disclosure of new details, the suspects of killing the martyr Abu Khudier have planned for the crime and bought handcuffs and Benzene in advance!

o Special interview with the Analyst of Security and Military Issues on Yedioth Ahronoth website – Ron Ben-Yishai in “The Israeli Scene”: “The Army Command believes that a ground operation in Gaza Strip is necessary and it should be done”!

• Internal Pages:
o Leftist vision, “Operation Protective Edge” as a colonial legacy.
o As an excuse for kidnapping three settlers and killing them, a typhoon of racist hatred and fascist incitement on social network!
o The Israeli Law Record does not include a legislation which prohibits war crimes and punishes its perpetrators!
o About the policy of blindness and silence in Israel towards the massacre in Gaza!
o One of the agendas of Herzliya Conference 2014 “Israeli Security Theory and the reputation of the Army in the Israeli Community”.

• The Economic Scene:
o Commencement of deliberations on Budget 2015 in light of black “conventional” financial reports!
o Former official at the Ministry of Finance: Peace will produce further growth and better tourism for Israel!

• The Economic Brief:
o Israel sells armored vehicles to the United Nations.
o Sharp increase in purchase of new cars.
o Statistics: Growing immigration of Brain Drain from Israel.

 • Special Reports:
o Disengagement of coalition between Lieberman and Netanyahu – should an early election be applied?
o Opening grocery shops in Tel Aviv on Saturdays re-explodes the battle between secular and religious people in Israel.

• Follow-Ups:
o According to past war experiences, Israeli security budget will not be increased without a ground military operation in Gaza Strip!
o Expansion of Israeli criminal lawyers who work as Mafia men!

• Last Page:
o One of Madar Center’s activities is a book “Israeli Academic Institution”: Comprehensive monitoring of the Israeli academic reality, its history and development, and a research on pressure groups and impact on decision makers in Israel.
o A research for “Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy”: Israel is now in a collision course with a global unanimity which condemns its military power on occupied territories!

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The content of the supplement does not necessarily reflect the position of The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021


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