• Front Page:
o Netanyahu considers the decision of its government to release old Palestinian prisoners collides with justice!
o The population of Israel is approaching 8,2 Million.

• Internal Pages:
o New situation assessment paper issued by “The Jewish People Policy Institute”: 2014 – A decisive strategic year.
o We will never be free people as long as we violate the rights of our neighbors.
o “There is an idea, supporter rabbis and atmospheres of hate”!
o Former Director of Shabak confirms that it is possible to stop the crimes of “Price Tag”,
o An unprecedented phenomenon in the Israeli Army confuses its leadership and provokes serious concerns.
o Systems of “Halal Food” increase the price of foodstuffs in Israel up to 35 percent!

• Special Interview:
o Special interview with the Lecturer from the Department of Political Science at Tel Aviv University Professor Shaul Mishal in “The Israeli Scene”: Netanyahu knows that failure to make an agreement with the Palestinians shall not pass without price.

• The Economic Scene:
o “Invisible Employment” of the Central Bureau of Statistics!
o Report: Tourism in Israel has been deteriorating since years!
o Sheldon Adelson is extending his powers in the arena of the Israeli media.

• The Economic Brief:
o Competition on health insurance policies is subject to restricted rules.
o Open telephone line between the whales of money and Netanyahu.
o Soon: Opening a bank account online.

• Special Reports:
o In the aftermath of the Palestinian reconciliation – Analysis of Israel: Abbas has mixed the papers in Israel!

• Follow-Ups:
o Because he provoked the settlers? Officers allude that Netanyahu and Ya’alon declined to appoint an officer as the Head of the Military Intelligence Directorate for political reasons!
o The Israeli Ministry of Education decides to teach the Holocaust as a subject starting from kindergartens.

• Last Page:
o Official deliberations in Israel on the withdrawal of citizenship from prisoners beyond the Green Line in the event of releasing them under negotiations.
o B’Tselem: Labor Day is not a day for the Palestinian workers from the Occupied Territories.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


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