The Palestinian Economy in the 1948 Territory:

Reality, Prospects and Challenges

  • Editor: Hossam Jeris
  • Preparation: Imtanas Shehadeh, Hossam Jeris, Imad Jaraisi, Issa Khoury, Ziad Hanna, Mohamed Mustafa, Mohamed Baraka
  • Number of Pages: 175
  • ISBN: 978-9950-03-010-7
  • Date of update: Wednesday, 25 April 2018
  • Price: $6.00
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MADAR Publishes The Palestinian Economy in the 1948 Territory: Reality, Prospects and Challenges

Ramallah: The Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies (MADAR) has recently published The Palestinian Economy in the 1948 Territory: Reality, Prospects and Challenges. Edited by Husam Jiryes, the book presents the proceedings of a seminar organised by MADAR in May 2017.

Held with support from the Palestine Investment Fund, the seminar aimed to monitor and analyse the economic situation of Palestinians in the 1948 territory, examine economic challenges, and investigate prospects for economic development, empowerment, and networking. The seminar brought together a number of economists, businesspeople, politicians, and interested persons on both sides of the Green Line.

The book comprises four chapters. As an introduction, Chapter 1 presents main characteristics of the Palestinian economy in the 1948 territory. Chapter 2 includes four research papers, which were delivered in the seminar: (1) The Israeli Policy towards the Arab Economy in the 1948 Territory over the Past Decade by Imtanes Shehadeh; (2) Economic Indicators of the Real Life of Palestinians in the 1948 Territory by Dr. Husam Jiryes; (3) Palestinians in the 1948 Territory in the Hi-tech Economy: Reality and Prospects by Emad Jaraysi; and (4) The Banking and Financial Service Sectors of Palestinians in the 1948 Territory by Husam Jiryes.

Chapter 3 features two testimonies made by two prominent businessmen in the seminar. Firstly, Issa Khoury, born in the Al-Birweh village, has succeeded as a businessman in spite of displacement, impoverishment, living under military rule, and political persecution. Secondly, Ziayd Hanna, an outstanding professor of hi-tech, is the son of a family that was displaced from Iqreth. He lives in the Rama village of the Galilee. Hanna is among the most significant hi-tech entrepreneurs.

Chapter 4 provides a summary of the final seminar session, which brought together Mohammad Barakeh, Head of the Joint List, and Dr. Mohammad Mustafa, PIF Chairman.

Papers and contributions unveil deep structural discrimination against Palestinians in the 1948 territory in all walks of life. The state grabs land and natural resources to the benefit of the Jewish majority. In addition to biased legislation, administrative instructions and security allegations underpin discriminatory practices.

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