The current bulletin deals with the period between 29.10.17 - 31.10.17, where the virtual world looked into a number of topics beginning with the bombing of a tunnel for "Al-Quds Brigades – Saraya Al-Quds", the military wing of the ‘’Islamic Jihad’’ movement, on the central borders of the Gaza Strip. Over seven martyrs were killed and eleven were injured.

This issue covers the period 15-18 October 2017. Israeli social media networks were preoccupied with several topics, including the inflammatory statements made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, attacking the police command.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu entered into an open confrontation with the Israeli police, accusing them of a “tsunami of leaks” on corruption cases he was suspected of being involved in. The police replied that Netanyahu’s accusation was “baseless” and only aimed to “undermine the law”.

The Israeli social media networks interacted extensively with this confrontation. Showing absolute mockery, social media activists stressed that Netanyahu was manoeuvring to avoid suspicions of corruption.

This week, a spokesman of the Israeli army announced that Israeli military aircraft launched an air strike against a Syrian surface to air missile battery in the Ramadan area east of Damascus. Early in the morning, a surface to air missile had been launched against Israeli military aircraft in the Lebanese air space.

Israeli social media networks heavily engaged with this incident, particularly after Israeli military aircraft had been targeted. It is worth noting that a war is anticipated to break out soon between Syria and Israel.

For the third day in a row, Avi Gabbay, leader of the Israeli Labour Party, has continued to reveal his right-wing positions, making him an object of ridicule by hundreds of commentators on the Israeli social media activists. These were of the view that Gabbay was imitating the right wing, in a futile attempt to placate it.

According to Haaretz, Gabbay said on Monday that settlements should not be evacuated as part of the peace agreement with Palestinians.

These problematic statements were made after Gabbay had announced in a previous interview that he did not intend to sit with the Arab Joint List in the coalition. Contrary to the Labour Party’s mainstream idea, Gabbay said that there Israel had no partner for peace.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021


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