This issue of the Newsletter covers the period 6-8 May 2018:

The security escalation on the Northern front will be discussed in the next Newsletter, as the consequences have only begun to crystalize last night.


 1. The bill that enables the plundering of the Palestinian Authorities’ money.

2. The Authentication of a bill that would allow for the bypassing of the Supreme Court by the Ministerial Committee.
3. The decision of the President of the United States to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal.
4. Wide spread publications that incite violence against Palestinians in general with a focus on Palestinians in Gaza and the Palestinian authority.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020


The Palestinian Forum for Israeli Studies (MADAR) is an independent research centre specialising in Israeli affairs, based in Ramallah, Palestine. MADAR was established in 2000 by a group of Palestinian intellectuals and academics, including the late poet Mahmoud Darwish, Dr. Lily Feidy, Dr. Ali Jarbawi, Dr. Ahmad Harb, Mr. Walid Al-Ahmad and Mr. Akram Haniyyeh. The centre was registered as a not-for-profit organisation with the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, and obtained a research centre’s operational licensing from the Palestinian Ministry of Information.


الأعزاء متابعوا إصدارات المركز الفلسطيني للدراسات الإسرائيلية "مدار": يواصل "مدار" العمل على إنجاز خطته السنوية كالمعتاد على الرغم من الظروف التي فرضها "فيروس الكورونا"، وسوف يتم توفير المُنتج الجديد الكترونيًا على موقع "مدار" على الشبكة، فيما ستتوفر النسخ الورقية حال تجاوز حالة الطوارئ.