This bulletin covers the period 28 – 31 December 2017, the social media was buzzing with a number of issues, starting with the discussions over approving the bill of Recommendations Law.


Recommendations Law that bars the police from making recommendations at the end of an investigation, except in certain circumstances, was passed on by the Israeli Knesset Thursday morning after being approved by 59 MKs and voted against by 53.

This issue provoked the social media as this bill serves as a cover up for the corruption related investigations taking place with the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
In addition to the Recommendations Law, another issue spanned across social media lately; the statements made by an Israeli Minister and member of Knesset inciting against MK Hanin Zoabi from the Joint List Party.

The fuss was triggered by statements made by the Israeli Minister of Culture and Sports, Miri Regev (Likud), addressing MK Zoabi after the latter’s speech in Knesset highlighting the Israeli violations of Palestinian Rights and international agreements. The Minister said; “Go to Gaza you traitor, and let’s see how they will treat you there. Will they allow you to tell the lies you try to pull in the State of Israel.”

Moreover, an argument that took place between MK Oren Hazan from Likud party and MK Zoabi prior to the voting on the Recommendations Law Wednesday evening, caused further tensions.

Hazan met with Zoabi prior to the session and started attacking her by saying that she does not even qualify to be exchanged with a two-legged goat when she fired back calling him a “pimp”. Noting that there are some relevant suspicions about him.

Sunday, October 17, 2021


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