Israeli Affairs (Issue no. 50)

cultural sphere in Israel: trends, roles and socio-political order.

  • Author: Mawtai Regev, Orly Lobin, Avi Oz, Katsaya Alloun, Tayeb Ghanaim, Henaida Ghanem, Bilal Daher, Ivan Alterman, Cameron Brown, Joel Gujanski, Amin Khalid Darawshe, Adnan Naeem
  • Editor: Raef Zureik
  • Number of Pages: 130
  • ISBN: 987-9950-330-85-6
  • Date of update: Friday, 16 August 2013
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Issue #50 of the Qadayya Israelieh (Israeli Affairs) Journal focuses on cultural sphere in Israel: trends, roles and socio-political order.

Themed articles explore different features of Israeli theatre and music, and discuss the relationship between culture and ethnicity. Articles include a study indicating discourse transformation of Palestinian intellectuals (in the 1948 area) and an article questioning the Mizrahi in Israeli literature and another discussing the image of women in Israeli cinema.

Two themed exclusive interviews are featured in this issue. One with Prof. Anita Shapira, an Israeli historian, and the founder of the Yitzhak Rabin Centre for Israel Studies, emphasizes that Israel now lacks a leadership capable of taking dramatic decisions. The second one is with Mr. Roy “Chicky” Arad, a young Israeli poet, musician, journalist, activist and editor.

Two further articles in this issue cover the emerging development in American public support for Israel and its social demographic and ideological background while the second one questions whether the American era in the Middle East has come to end.

The Zionist archive section of this issue presents an exclusive translation of Israel Army Chief of Staff, Moshe Dayan, eulogy for Roi Rotberg, at his funeral on May 1, 1956. Dayan’s speech is short (it does not exceed 250 words) but intense. It is considered a keystone speech in Zionism, not only in the culture of the military enterprise, but also in the dominant Israeli social and public culture. The late Israeli sociologist, Baruch Kimmerling confirms that Dayan's speech constitutes a "supreme code" essential to decipher in order to understand Israeli society.

Finally and in addition to the themed and general articles, exclusive interviews and translation, as always this issue of the journal includes a collection of recent book reviews, as well as a library.


Motti Regev, Music and popular culture in Israel – A historical overview

Orly Lubin, Women in the Israeli cinema

Avraham Oz, Why who’s dead? – Israeli humor on stage and in the media

Ketzia Alon, What is it to be oriental?

Roy (Chicky) Arad, a young poet, journalist, musician and editor, We don’t need to talk about absenting the Nakba; even the present is excluded! (Dialogue: Al-Tayyeb Ghanayim)

Honaida Ghanim, Between Nakba and Naksa - Shifts in the
national discourse of Palestinian intellectuals in Israel

Special Interview - Anita Shapira, university lecturer and researcher in the Zionist movement and its labour current, Now Israel lacks a leadership that is capable of making dramatic decisions (by Antoine Shulhut and Bilal Dhaher)

Evan Alterman and Cameron Brown, American public support of Israel is changing

Yoel Guzansky, Is it the end of the American era in the Middle East

Amin Khaled Darawsheh, Critique of the reality literature without disrupting universals

Adnan Na’im, “The welfare state” is still alive in settlements!

From the Zionist Archive, Moshe Dayan, The Sound of Killing from Gaza! - a letter of Moshe Dayan, Chief of Staff, on the commemoration of Roi Rotberg, who was killed on 29 April 1956 (Preface by Honaida Ghanim)

Library: A synopsis of most recent Israeli publications

Title Download
موطي ريغف - الموسيقى والثقافة الشعبية في إسرائيل- لمحة تاريخي Download Preview
أورلي لوبين - النساء في السينما الإسرائيلية Download Preview
آفي عوز - "لماذا، من مات؟"- الفكاهة (السخرية) على خشبة المسرح وفي وسائل الإعلام الإسرائيلية Download Preview
كتسيعا علون - ما هي الشّرقيّة؟ Download Preview
الشّاعر والصّحافيّ والموسيقيّ والمحرّر الشّابّ روعي (تشيكي) أراد: "لا حاجة لأن نَتَحَدَّثَ عن تغييب النّكبة فحتّى الحاضر مَقْصِيٌّ"! (حوار: الطيب غنايم) Download Preview
هنيده غانم - ما بين النكبة والنكسة- تحولات الخطاب القومي للمثقفين الفلسطينيين في الداخل Download Preview
مع الأستاذة الجامعية والباحثة المتخصص في شؤون الحركة الصهيونية وتيارها العمالي أنيتا شابيرا: إسرائيل تفتقر الآن إلى زعامة قادرة على اتخاذ قرارات دراماتيكية! (أجرى المقابلة: أنطوان شلحت وبلال ضاهر) Download Preview
إيفان ألترمان وكامرون براون - تأييد الجمهور الأميركي لإسرائيل آخذ في التغيّـر Download Preview
يوئيل غوجانسكي - أهي نهاية الحقبة الأميركية في الشرق الأوسط؟ Download Preview
أمين خالد دراوشة - أدب نقد الواقع من دون خلخلة مسلمات الخطاب Download Preview
عدنـان نعيـم - "دولة الرفاه" ما زالت حيّة في المستوطنات! Download Preview
موشيه دايان - صوت القتل من غزة! – نص خطاب رئيس هيئة أركان الجيش موشيه دايان في تأبين روعي روطبرغ الذي قتل يوم 29/4/1956 (تقديم هنيده غانم) Download Preview

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